Stingray Gastronomic Show in Ericeira


Photography: ARR


After the 3rd edition of the Sea Urchin International Festival, held between 31 March and 9 April, next weekend Ericeira will host a Stingray Gastronomic Show.

In this gastronomic event promoted by the Municipality of Mafra in a partnership with Nuno Nobre Consultoria, the village of Ericeira goes back to its maritime culinary roots, this time with the stingray (cooked in several ways) with the main role.

This show, that challenges local restaurants to incorporate the cartilaginous fish in their menus, also features showcooking and tastings at the Ericeira Municipal Market.

The list of restaurants that are part of the event, which takes place on Saturday and Sunday (April 22 and 23), is as follows: 7 Praias na Baleia, A Brasa na Gruta, A Pimentinha, A Tasquinha, Estrela do Mar, Funky, O Gafanhoto, Petiskas, Pirolito, Restaurante Sul, Retiro na Bela Sombra, Riviera, Sushi Drinks Club, Tik Tak and Vigarista.

A Tasquinha and Estrela do Mar will be the two restaurants present in the showcooking set at the Municipal Market.

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