September Sessions – Part I


Translator: João Diogo Rocha Pereira


In September the last gasps of Summer are felt: students go back to school while their parents resume their daily working routine. The millions that for the past months were scattered along the Portuguese shore-side beaches start to return to our country’s cities and even farther places. But September, on the other hand, also means the return of the most hectic waves to the several spots in Ericeira, able once again to display all their strength and charm.

With the first waves of September the surfers (either by standing, lying or on their knees) are yet again the ones who rule the most in our beaches.

This is the first of two September Sessions in which we pay homage to one of the most fascinating months of the calendar.



Photo #1: Mauro Mota

Photo #2: Francisco Rodrigues Claro

Remaining: José Guerra


Stay tuned as next Sunday we’ll have another photo gallery celebrating our beloved month of September.

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