Salty DNA


Photography: Cátia Alpedrinha Caetano


“Retratos em Família” (Family Portraits) photographic exhibition, whose initial phase was inaugurated earlier this month, brings together several families from Ericeira linked to surfing and fishing, two essential activities to locals’ DNA. Among the faces photographed by Cátia Alpedrinha Caetano, the Gramanha family’s (in the featured photo) are some of them, and they’re also who best bring to colour this blessed salty sea communion: it’s enough to remember that while the “son” Pedro has been one of the most respected local shapers for several years, the “grandfather” Henrique represented the fishing community in the consecration ceremony of Ericeira as a World Surfing Reserve back in 2011.

On this occasion, in a peculiar way of talking, ending his sentences with rhymes, Henrique Gramanha made the connection of the jagoz (Ericeira native) maritime tradition, from fishermen to surfers, noting that, by taking advantage of the energy originated by the waves to return to the beach on their boats, fishermen were the first surfers in Ericeira. A symbiosis captured in the 15 photographs that we present here and that can be enjoyed in large format in the center of the village.

The complementary phase of this photographic exhibition (which will present some more works) is set to start on July 22 and should last until the end of September.

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