Ribeira’s perspectives


Photographs: José Guerra


For five exciting days, the eyes of the world’s surfing community stalled in the strength and ability of the kids the came to Ericeira in search of glory. Tons of action, emotion, tears and celebrations coloured Ribeira d’Ilhas’ beach in its comeback to the grand stages of internacional surf.  But there’s something more intrinsic to all those events: the singular beauty of a beach that represents the “welcome room” of Portuguese surfing nation.

In the whirlwind of competitive events, few were the ones in the audience taking the time to contemplate the surrounding scenario: the greenish rocks at some times hidden by the bluish sea; the dusty cliffs next to the sands; the historical Milreu stronghold; the trees and green bushes scattered around the beach; and the lines of waves coming from faraway Atlantic Ocean and geometrically arriving in Ribeira. It’s all a very colourful paint of unique visuals.

AZUL’s photographer and collaborator José Guerra captured this not-so-obvious frame of Ribeira d’Ilhas, which we now present in 17 observations of complex angles and perspectives.


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