“Qualified for Life: 2020 Vision” workshop in Ericeira


Photography: Liesbeth Jusia


On March 28, the workshop “Qualified for life: 2020 Vision” will take place at the Vila Galé Hotel Ericeira, next to Praia do Sul.

This initiative organized by coach Liesbeth Jusia, who has other initiatives scheduled for Lisbon a few days before, is something new, personalized and more focused on a 20/20 vision – in this case, the total “sense” of the vision (which combines knowledge, talents and intuition to explore and work on personal vision) and AIM: attunement, intention and manifestation.

On the last Saturday of March, between 10:00 am and 5:30 pm, the person in charge of the event (former Dutch lawyer with a strong connection to Ericeira, who she visits every year since 2004 and considers as her second home) will focus on the above mentioned pillars, as key life skills.

AIM: attunement, intention and manifestation


Proper attunement means being fully aware and in line with our energy. We are the sum of everything we have experienced (in thought and in action), which translates into an energetic vibration. Our energy merges with the outside world, and once we understand how to do it, we can access a tremendous field of knowledge and support. Therefore, the first step in everything is the awareness of yourself, our spirit and the energy that we radiate.


Whatever we want to achieve, we have to start with a conscious thought, a clear intention, because everything we do starts with us. Not everything has to be hard work, but intentions need our conscious focus, commitment and energy.


Once we are in tune and have clear – and realistic – intentions! we will be able to manifest it, not only materially but in many other ways. This will benefit us and others. Manifestation is the art of aligning potential, intention, thinking, belief, commitment, decision and action to achieve and sustain the best possible result. Whether for an individual or an organization, it is an inner process of transformation, together with external action and realization.

During this intensive workshop, which will be conducted in English and translated into Portuguese, Liesbeth Jusia (who has over a decade of experience in this area) will explore the AIM and define the vision of the participants, individually and through group work, through exercises aimed at:

– raise self awareness and energy
– establish a clear intention and focus on what the participants want to achieve
– learn to create conditions in which synergy and synchronicity can thrive, knowing how to create a “momentum”
– understand how to use intuition, combining it with knowledge and talents, for inspiration, guidance and perspective
– create an effective action plan aligned with each one.

There is a limited number of places for this workshop

There is a limited number of places for this workshop, whose participation costs €90. To proceed with the registration, just send an email to liesbeth.jusia@kpnmail.nl and make a transfer of 50 € to reserve the place – the transfer must be made to the account NL68ABNA0545322278 (in the name of L. Jusia) with the description “2020vision Ericeira” and the name of the participant.

You can get more information on Liesbeth Jusia’s website and on the official page of the event on Facebook.

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