Photogallery: Visions of Ericeira


Photography: Sérgio Oliveira


The outdoor collective exhibition of photography “Our Marine Coast Seen through the Lens of Local Photographers” brings together images from about two dozen photographers in the municipality of Mafra.

The following text can be read on the exhibition poster: “The Municipality of Mafra has committed itself to being a sustainable tourist destination. Such a commitment implies, among many other measures, promoting the involvement and integration of the local community, both in the preservation and valorisation of endogenous resources and in the tourism dynamism of the territory.”

Here, we present 18 of these photos, belonging to the authors who granted the necessary authorization for this purpose: Sérgio Oliveira (whose photo of Algodio is featured in this gallery), Sérgio Medeiros, Rui Jorge Oliveira, Rui de Medeiros, Rafael Antunes, Pedro Mestre, Nuno Vicente, Nuno Bandejas, Marco Oliveira, João Oliveira Silva, João Maria Jorge, Cátia Alpedrinha Caetano, Carlos Sousa, Carlos Ribeiro, Alex Oliveira, Afonso da Costa Lopes, Hugo da Rocha Pereira and M Coutinho.

Currently displayed on Rua Dr. Eduardo Burnay, right in the center of the town of Ericeira, it presents a mosaic of landscapes, faces and traditions, between history and contemporaneity, which has been appreciated by many locals and visitors.

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