“Passing through” Ericeira


Photography: Luke Shadbolt (except the group picture)


In one of those famous November weeks were the huge tides swept the portuguese coast, a small group of pro bodyboarders, photographers and image editors were in Ericeira’s vicinity. The gang landed in Portugal with the mission of capturing images to the “Passing Through” video project, an initiative sponsored by the australian magazine LeBoogie. Among the waves are the Vila Beach and the North Beach (Nazaré), Supertubos (Peniche) and, in the last day of the trip, a strong left-sided wave in Ericeira.

The bodyboarders who made this sessions were the frenchman Pierre-Louis Costes (PLC) – who resides in Costa da Caparica and was world champion in 2011 – and the south african Jared Houston, an exciting young talent. “During the first of travel we were in Ericeira, but the wind didn’t allow us to surf good waves”, the frenchman told AZUL, and next he remembered the day when they managed to surf some of Ericeira’s waves. “In the lasy day the wind turned eastbound, the waves provided some sick descents and the locals were fantastic with us”.

“Passing Through” is an australian videography production that started at the beginning of the year by initiative of LeBoogie. Among the highlighted places we will find Portugal, New Zealand, Brazil, the south of Australia, Tahiti, Japan and the island of Java, in Indonesia. The main action is delivered by a group of world-class bodyboarders: the Australians Thomas Rigby, Nick Gornall, Michael Novy, Jason Finlay, Sam Bennet and Dallas Singer, Jared Houston from South Africa, and Pierre-Louis Costes from France.

AZUL exclusively shares the images that made the bodyboarders’ day in Ericeira. At LeBoogie’s website it is possible to take a look at a gallery that documents the groups’ trip through several Portuguese locations.

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