Art: Paulo Oliveira


Legend has it that the name Ericeira – evolution of Ouriceira – originally means “land of sea urchins” due to these numerous creatures that abounded on its beaches. More recent investigations point out, however, to the hedgehog and not the sea urchin as an inspirer for the name.

Polemics aside, it is certain that this village continues to inspire many artistic creations: in this one, authored by Paulo Oliveira (who had already gifted us with a fantastic illustration of Mestre Dário Pereira), the sea urchin merges with the Sun, shining with strength with its dozens of sharp stings.

In this case, “Ouriceira” may represent a fusion of the solar gold with Ericeira’s urchins, whether they come from the sea or from the land. Regardless of origin, we consider that the alchemy present in this piece of art is worthy of a contemporary magician.

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