Old Dream Ericeira


Photography: RR


“Velho Sonho Ericeira” (= Old Dream Ericeira), or just like the name given to a boat can be the perfect metaphor for fishing activity in a village that finds here many of its deepest identity founding roots.

The life of the artisanal local fishermen has never been a bed of roses… And although it continues to be an arduous activity, of considerable hardship and pitfalls, these men continue to dedicate all their dedication, wisdom and professionalism to it.

It is thanks to almost anonymous heroes, such as Xico Porras, that appears on the left in this photo, that the legacy continues to span generations: already retired, Francisco Alberto admits that his luck “was to live of the sea” – we also feel lucky to have “Tó Pesca Franco’s” father as one of those who helps to keep this “Old Dream” alive!

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