Nic Von Rupp: “Cave is the living legend of portuguese waves”


Photography: DR


Nic Von Rupp is the new “Portuguese Knight” of surfing. This alias was granted to him by Surfing Magazine, regarding the latest edition’s cover, where the luso-germanic surfer stands riding a barrel at Portugal’s most infamous wave: Cave, in Ericeira.

It all took place last Autumn, when the young surfer, aged 23, explored the Ericeira waves with a crew of international athletes, including John John Florence. The story reads that Rupp became so obsessed with Cave that, over the years, his wish to tame this beast became stronger.

“For us, who were born in Portugal and with portuguese waves, the Cave is the living legend, the wave everyone talks about”, mentioned the athlete from Praia Grande, Sintra, in the interview that took place in those adventure days by Ericeira. Von Rupp says he ended knocking down the psychological barriers that stood in the way of him exploring the Cave, and the result was on the most spectacular surfing magazin covers where Ericeira is, as well, a highlight.

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