Nic Von Rupp and the Cave on the cover of Surfing Magazine

Surfing Magazine - ph. Corey Wilson


Photography: Corey Wilson


If we add one of the most talented Portuguese surfers of now to the incredible waves found at Cave, we have an explosive combination.



Nicolau Von Rupp (or simply Nic Von Rupp) is from Praia Grande, in Sintra. The luso-german, aged 23, is on the front line of the european talents of nowadays and has been achieving wide recognition as of lately, mainly due to the giant waves he surfed in Mullaghmore, Ireland, during the winter storm Hercules, that hit Europe a few weeks ago.



The cover of the March 2014 issue of Surfing Magazine, the north-american magazine that is one of the main references of surfing journalism. It marks the first time a portuguese surfer is present on the cover of this publication. At his Facebook page, Nic Von Rupp shared his joy, writing that “It’s too good to be true, I’ve always dreaming at being on the cover of Surfing Magazine. Thanks.”



Cave, Ericeira. The most fearsome wave of Europe’s sole World Surfing Reserve breaks over a ledge that already claimed many injuries, such as John John Florence’s. Now, it helped Nic Von Rupp reaching the cover of Surfing Magazine, which in this issue was set to rediscover Portugal.



The session that took place on Cave by the Autumn of 2013 was so unbelievable that Nic Von Rupp’s photos were present on the covers of Surf Portugal (December 2013 issue) and Surfing Magazine. Commenting on the session, Nicolau told the portuguese magazine that “Cave has some of the most unbelievable waves in existence. The way it breaks over the ledge on the outside and then licks the rock until the inside, doing those squared barrels, makes it one of the best fifty waves in the world, certainly. Personally, I believe it to be the best in Portugal, or even Europe.”

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