Municipality of Mafra cancels events until the end of September


Photography: Sérgio Oliveira


Until the end of September this year, the Municipality of Mafra will not promote events as a way to prevent the current pandemic of the new Coronavirus, responsible for the Covid-19 disease.

In the end of April, Mafra City Council unanimously decided to cancel, until September 30, 2020, all cultural, sporting, recreational, social and youth events promoted by the municipality.

The municipality also decided to recommend that event promoters adopt the same procedure

This way, it is intended to avoid direct contact between people, thus contributing to prevent Covid-19 disease, contain the pandemic and ensure the safety of the community.

Also as a way of defending the high public interest, the municipality also decided to recommend local partners to local events, as well as the cultural, sports, recreational, social and youth movement in the Municipality, to adopt the same procedure, with regard to the events organized by them, unless the current pandemic situation is shown to be resolved.

Despite this decision, the City Council will continue to promote the cultural, sports, recreational, youth and social offer, namely through digital platforms. Through this online programme, it is also intended to support many local groups and artists, minimizing the losses caused by the cancellation of public events.

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