Mineirinho and Saca at Ribeira d’Ilhas


Photos: José Guerra | Translator: João Diogo Rocha Pereira


With Moche Rip Curl Pro happening at our doorstep, several world class surfers have spent their free time at Ericeira to enjoy some of our finest waves. This last week were already spotted big names such as John John Florence, Jordy Smith, Kai Otton or Michel Bourez. Yesterday it was Adriano de Souza’s (aka “Mineirinho”) turn to join his longtime friend Tiago “Saca” Pires. This Luso-Brazilian alliance took place at the waves of Ribeira d’Ilhas, before lunchtime, and drew the attention of those present at the beach.

Despite the small waves – according to the forecasts, the swell is expected to rise in the next few days, which is good news to the Portuguese stage of the WCT –, “Mineirinho” displayed a fantastic performance, pulling several airs before the eyes and camera lenses scattered across the sand. Tiago Pires is still recovering from the injury that have been keeping him away from competition in the last few months, although he still holds the objective of participating in the last stage of the year, which takes place in December at the Hawaiian legendary waves of Banzai Pipeline.

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