Photography: Pedro Mestre


Whoever arrives in Ericeira by the National Road, coming from Sintra, crosses Rio Lizandro’s bridge. And for many years they have been used to see, by that road, before and after passing the river banks that end right after, several stalls of fruit, vegetables and other fresh greens of the season.

Sometimes it’s even possible to buy seafood and homemade products (from eggs to farm animals) from these people whom jagozes (Ericeira residents) and visitors often share bonds of friendship with, held by a relationship of trust lived through the seasons, whether it rains or not.

At a time when Ericeira has been invaded by supermarket chains that do not replace the close relations, characteristic of the local commerce, it is especially important to enrich and preserve these authentic open-air markets, kept close to the sea by genuine people of the land.

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