Mafra Library among the most spectacular in the world

Biblioteca Palácio Nacional de Mafra


Photo: Rosino  | Translator: João Diogo Rocha Pereira


The library of the Mafra National Palace was honored by the british newspaper The Telegraph as one of the most spectacular libraries in the world. This architectural and historical treasure is located in the widest and noblest rooms of the building, with a length of over 85 meters. At the time, and when gathering its collection, the king John V sent special emissaries abroad, who were responsible on acquiring the newest and best prints being made.

This library gathers around thirty thousand titles, from which stands out a papal bull granted by Pope Benedict XIV in 1754. The general rules of access to the Palace Library’s collection allow the reading of the books by historians, investigators and students over 18, under strict surveillance by the palace’s staff.

Besides our country’s landmark, The Telegraph also mentioned the Biblioteca Joanina of the University of Coimbra (also ordered to be built by John V), the Tripitaka Library in South Korea, Wiblingen Abbey in Germany, among others.

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