Lonely Surfer


Photography: Miguel Silva-infinity Pic

Translator: Full Circle


Can you identify who appears in this photograph? And if we add that he is a “Lonely Surfer” who enjoys catching waves with his “ironing board”?

The man holding this broad smile is Gabriel, o Pensador, one of the most charismatic Brazilian musicians of recent decades and a surfer in love with the waves of Ericeira, a place to where he often returns. Gabriel was around here recently, in late April, and went through several spots of the World Surfing Reserve, besides enjoying the nights of the village. Always with high spirits, as you can confirm by the expression captured by Miguel Silva-infinity Pic.

If not coming earlier, Gabriel, o Pensador, will be back in Ericeira next June, where he will be one of the strongest names of the Sumol Summer Fest starting on the 24th.

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