John Witzig and Ericeira in the 70s


Photography: John Witzig


John Witzig is one of the most legendary surf photographers, author of many images that marked the sector and its lifestyle in a memorable way.

Recently, this Australian photographer shared in his Instagram account photographs of Ericeira in the seventies

Under the title “Places I’m connected with # 6 – Ericeira, Portugal”, Witzig published two montages and a text where he develops his connection to the village of the sea-urchins, that is now part of the World Surf Reserve.

He begins by telling that his first trip to Ericeira was in 1976, when he rented a room with a friend, afther they decided to visit the village attracted by the magnetism of a photo in which a “beautiful wave broke on a rocky bottom somewhere north of the village.”

The first montage shows the owner of this house holding some flowers offered by John and his traveling mate and, in the foreground, an iconic moment of Ericeira: a group of people leaning against the Ribas wall, watching what is happening in the Fishing Port.

Muro das Ribas - ph. John Witzig

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