Photography: Sérgio Oliveira


Virtually empty streets and deserted beaches, this is the current scenario in Ericeira.

Since the Government decreed the State of Emergency – in force only since March 19, although it seems that much more time has passed – to contain the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and that the municipality of Mafra imposed the closure of the beaches of the municipality (since the 25th of last month) that basically people are only to be found, here and there, walking their dogs or taking a short run to keep their physical and mental shape – it is only possible to find queues in supermarkets due to imposed mandatory safety distance.

This photo by Sérgio Oliveira depicts a late summer afternoon at Algodio, but with the exception of thatched straw umbrellas there will be very few other reasons to play with differences. A necessary evil so that we can soon be reunited!!…

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