Huanchaco is the new World Surfing Reserve

"Caballitos de Totora" em Huanchanco, Perú. - ph. Ambiental Turismo


Photo: Ambiental Turismo


The Huanchaco region, in northwest Peru, was distinguished last Friday as the new World Surfing Reserve, the first one in Latin America and the fifth worldwide, by the Save The Waves Coalition.

Huanchaco’s application was approved in October 2012 after passing with distinction all the necessary criteria to the granting of the status: waves quality and consistency, unique ambiental characteristics, surfer culture and history and community support.

The region is also known as the peruvian birthplace of “caballito de totora” (pictured in the photo) – one of the first inventions in surfing that allows using the strength of the waves, either when working or by leisure. The small vessel is still used nowadays in Peru by fishermen and surfers, and there are even competitions with it.

Huanchaco is the first World Surfing Reserve in Latin America and the fifth in the world, joining Malibu and Santa Cruz (California), Manly Beach (Australia) and Ericeira, which still holds the status exclusivity in Europe.

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