Garrett McNamara: “it would be a huge challenge to surf the cave”


Photography: AZUL


A foggy morning it was in Foz do Lizandro. Garrett McNamara, the most famous big rider in recent years, is preparing to teach a class: “Buondi Surf Sessions”, which offers many people (mostly institutionalized children and young people with special needs) the opportunity to stand on a board for the first time. We took the opportunity to have a talk as the American is headed to the area where monitors and students already anxiously wait. We talked mostly about Ericeira, and McNamara reveals that, despite having beaten world records in Nazaré, PT, Ericeira reminds him of Hawaii and that the Cave’s wave is just scary!!

Ericeira’s world Surfing Reserve

It’s amazing that they have made of Ericeira a World Surfing Reserve. This is a massive movement and a great way for people to get involved in the defense of the waves and the Environment.

The Cave is just scary!!

Waves of Ericeira

I only surfed in Coxos, that will be one of the best waves in Europe just when it’s big enough and perfect. The other waves, I drove along the coast and had a look, but only saw them really perfect in photos. This seems to be an exceptional surf zone: there are so many good waves, so many choices within a few kms of coastline, it’s similar to the North Shore of Hawaii!!


As a big wave rider, is there any challenge that you’d like to experience on the  Ericeira’s waves? Perhaps the Cave?

The Cave is just scary!! John John Florence was born on the street where I lived and as a kid I took care of him: I took him on the first trips to Indonesia and Tahiti and, meanwhile, he became the best surfer in the world. John John surfed in the Cave and got injured there, hurt himself, so I can’t actually say I feel like surfing there, but that would be a huge challenge for me, of course! You know what? If I was there, my friends were surfing and the tide was perfect, I would probably catch some waves. I ‘m not looking for surfing it, but if I was around, I wouldn’t resist because the wave is fabulous.

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