From Hawaii to Pedra Branca with the Hubbards


Photograph: Rodrigo Santos


It’s been a month since AZUL first published a photo gallery documenting the journey of the bothers Dave and Jeff Hubbard through Ericeira. These two Hawaiians are worth nine bodyboard world titles – six in dropknee, three in Open -, which makes them authentic living legends of the sport. After the photographs, the time has come to share the video showcasing the beautiful morning sessions of both riders in Pedra Branca.

The small clip, edited by João Azevo, of Media Road, is a report of the adventures of the Hubbards around the period they were in Portugal to compete in Sintra Portugal Pro 2014. In the closing stage of 2014’s Bodyboarding World Tour, the brothers were seen in signing events and mingling with the fans. The video also unveils Dave Hubbard’s consecration as the dropknee world champion for the sixth time in his career. However, the session in Ericeira’s lefty slab gathers the bigger and better piece of the footage.

Air maneuvers, hollow barrels and lots of good vibes in the water are the ingredients that make this clipe a document for the memory of Portuguese bodyboarders and for the historical archives of wave sports in Ericeira.

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