Foz do Lizandro featured on The Guardian


Photography: Márcio Barreira


The Guardian website recently published an article entitled “Europe’s hidden coasts: Silver Coast, Portugal”. In this travel piece dedicated to our country, in addition to praising the (still little recognized) Lusitanian center coastline, it’s featured more “five pearls hidden on the Portuguese coast.” And among these destinations lies Foz do Lizandro.

It was in mid-May that the online edition of the English newspaper devoted some time (and room in its pages) to the coastline between the cities of Porto and Lisbon, praising the quality of the beaches, the friendliness of the people and the local history and culture.

After rediscovering the so-called “Silver Coast” – a region that includes the Portugal coast between Douro river in Vila Nova de Gaia and the municipality of Torres Vedras -, author Kevin Gould has listed a handful of destinations: and Foz do Lizandro appears alongside with Berlengas Island, Palafitic Pier of Carrasqueira, Praia do Meco and the (almost) Desert Island in Algarve. Foz do Lizandro has took its place in this prestigious list and is described as a world-class surfing area, one of the best beaches in Portugal (and in the world) for the practice of wave sports all year round, only 15 minute walk from Ericeira and 20 km from Lisbon. The Guardian also notes that there are “waves that even a creaky beginner could surf”.

You can read the original article in the online edition of The Guardian.

Foz do Lizandro - ph. Márcio Barreira

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