Photography: Nuno Vicente


Among the various foutains existing in Ericeira, the Fonte do Cabo is located in the southern part of the village, at the intersection of the road that leads to Hotel Vila Galé and the main road.

The “Cape Fountain” was originally built in 1457 and restored in 1829. Some improvements are made later by the end of the 20th century. At the back it has a tunnel, about 100 meters long, leading to the spring.

On top of the fountain there is a scrollwork and curved pediment with an eight-pointed star medallion. It has a stonework tank to where the two stone spouts flow. Until the 1970s it had a masonry washtub used as a public washing place.

According to the legend, anyone who drinks water from this source will be forever seduced and in love with Ericeira, unable to free themselves from this bond with the village.

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