The faces of Ericeira in graphite


Drawings: Antero Guerra


After a long hiatus in his painting and drawing career, Antero Guerra picked up the graphite pencils and blank papers to draw the faces of figures that are a part of Ericeira’s history, in works that were exposed at the Atlantic Room, in the Santa Marta recreational park.

Resorting to portraits of the Ericeira townsfolk that he gathered online, this 1957-born painter who embraced a career in video and visual arts told AZUL that the experience of painting faces becomes somewhat intimate because “as you develop the drawing on paper and some traits of reality start to appear, I feel that then begins a dialogue between me and the portrayed person. These faces became a part of my imaginary world of acquaintances.” Antero Guerra also highlighted that it is with this kind of art that you discover the “strictness of work, comparing it with known faces.”

The artist only came to Ericeira in 1985 to film an international meeting of tourists, but he hopes to return one day to town and to paint what’s more mythical about it: the sea. “I’m sure I’ll be back at Ericeira some day to explore and paint in oil some of the places that whetted my appetite. I believe the sea seduces any artist, isn’t that right?”

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