Espaço Gaya


Quinta das Terras Velhas, in Fonte Boa dos Nabos – which is part of Ericeira – is truly a little paradise waiting for you: this is where Espaço Gaya works, dedicated to the well-being and balance of the body and mind (combining several kinds of therapies) and where you can make any event to your liking, from parties to workshops, to lectures and concerts, whether in the indoor hall or in the pleasant outdoor areas.

Among the available therapies, we highlight the pioneer Método de Gaya (Gaya Method), developed by Ana Ribeiro in recent years. Physiotherapy technician and Reiki healer, Espaço Gaya’s host has created a pilot therapy using horses, in the form of oracle, that works the self knowledge and helps overcome fears: Ana is the means of translation of the animals language, that give all the answers that a human being can give, with the addition of her extra-sensoriality.

In this unique environment of harmony and feeling of completely giving yourself, you can also find the following therapies and consultations: Massage therapy and relaxation; Reiki; Acupuncture; Alignment of chakras; Yoga; Feng Shui consultations; Treatment for cellulite and beauty with the Hydrofor device; retreats for adults and children; and meditation with horses, group or individual.

Type: Services

Business Area: Therapies and events

Types of Services: Massage therapy and relaxation; Horse therapy; Reiki; Meditation with children and adults; Reflexology; Events

Address: Rua das Terras Velhas, Quinta das Terras Velhas, Fonte Boa dos Nabos 2655-469 Ericeira

Contacts: Telephone – (+351) 965 064 473 / 918 644 781 | Email –

Host: Ana Ribeiro

Facebook: EspacoGayaEriceira

Payment: Cash

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