Ericeira’s Passions


Ericeira’s Passions takes you to the heart of Ericeira aiming to show you the best of this village: the sun, the clean air, the beach and the style. It is a design company that develops a varied range of products inspired by the very own identity of the land of urchins.

It is the passion for Ericeira that inspires the creation of these artistic pieces, either small or large souvenirs – from notebooks to necklaces, and various other gifts -, turning common objects into pieces of art that convey emotions.

Ericeira’s Passions lead us on a journey through history, either through the streets or the sandy beaches, and when we return, we’ll take a piece of Ericeira in the heart.


Type: Service

Line of business: Design

Address: Ericeira Business Factory, Rua Prudêncio Franco da Trindade, n4, 2655-344 Ericeira

Contacts: Phone – 961 842 770 / 261 101 891 | Email:

Site: Ericeira’s Passions

Facebook: ericeirapassions

Host: Rui Santos

Items you can buy: gifts, notebooks, pencils, badges, earrings, necklaces; products that show the history of the village of Ericeira; Design work.

Sold Brands: Ericeira’s Passions

Ericeira's Passions

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