Ericeira World Surfing Reserve highlighted at Surfline

ASP World Junior Ericeira 2014. - ph. José Guerra


Photography: José Guerra

Translator: Full Circle


“Introducing the Jewel of Europe – How Ericeira became the first World Surfing Reserve of the Old Continent” – this is the title of the article published on May 24 by Surfline, a website specializing in surf based in California.

The article, written by Andrew Lewis, comes as part II of the item “Sanctuaries”, the first part being dedicated to the Australian Gold Coast. Through 16 digital pages, the US site presents an in-depth analysis of the nearly 4 kilometers of coastline established by the Save The Waves Coalition in October 2011.

Nik Strong-Cvetich, Executive Director of this NGO, is one of the personalities talking about the World Surfing Reserve of Ericeira, highlighting the work developed together with the community to preserve this unique heritage.

But most of the article focuses on Tiago Pires, amidst many action shots and passionate words about the importance of this award. Besides ‘Saca’, the article also includes images (taken by Ricardo Bravo and Tó Mané) featuring some of the seven waves of the Reserve and renowned surfers as Tomás Fernandes, Miguel Fortes, Albee Layer or Marlon Lipke.

All this and much more (including an explanation of what makes Ericeira to produce so perfect and powerful waves) can be seen here, on the original publication of Surfline.

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