Ericeira waves highlighted by Spanish site


Photography: Deeply


Recently, the waves of Ericeira were highlighted in the Spanish website La Vanguardia.

In an article of the #elviajedemivida series, in which celebrities share travel experiences that marked their lives, the professional surfer Lucía Martiño chose to write about Ericeira.

The athlete, who has won twice the Spanish surfing championship, begins by referring to the environment, the people, the beaches, the good food and the pleasant climate of the village… focusing afterwards on the waves of the World Surfing Reserve.

Lucía considers Ericeira a great destination for surf lovers due to the quality and variety of the waves, since there are “beaches with sandy bottoms (beach breaks) and waves with rocky bottoms (reefs, slabs, point breaks).”

She gives some tips on the best time to surf in Ericeira (in her opinion, between September and December) and on the gastronomy, and mentions her favourite beaches and waves: São Julião, Foz do Lizandro, Ribeira d’Ilhas (the best, in her opinion) and São Lourenço.

Finally, Lucía Martiño writes a fez lines on the history and charms of Ericeira.

You can read the original article here in full.

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