Ericeira hosts “Prime” event of the Bodyboarding National Circuit

2º Etapa ESC 2013. - ph. Francisco Rodrigues Claro


Fotografia: Francisco Rodrigues Claro


Ericeira will be the stage of the first of two Prime events of the Bodyboarding National Circuit by the Portuguese Bodyboard Association. According to the calendar released by the organization, the event should take place between the 6th of October and the 4th of November.

This will be the second bodyboarding championship that Ericeira will host this year, after being confirmed on the beginning of the month the realization of a stage of the National Youth Circuit, on the 5th and 6th of July.

A new aspect of this year’s National Circuit is the inclusion of two Prime stages – the first one in Ericeira and the second taking place in Nazaré, between the 7th of November and the 6th of December -, where two grand finals will be held among the Men’s top 16. Ericeira also gets the final decision on the top 4 on the Dropknee category, while Nazaré hosts the Women’s top 4. Both competitions hold a prize-money of 1500 euros.

The circuit’s remaining calendar includes:

– Sagres: 3-star event; 2.500 euros prize-money; 5th and 6th dof April; Open Men’s and Women’s categories;

Azores: 1-star; 1500 euros; 26th and 27th of April; Open Men’s and Women’s;

Santa Cruz: 1-star; 1500 euros; 21st and 22nd of July (upon confirmation); Open Men’s and Women’s and Dropknee;

Cortegaça: 1-star; 1500 euros; 14th and 15th of August (upon confirmation); Open Men’s and Women’s and Dropknee;

Praia Grande: 1-star; 1500 euros; September (depends on the stage of the World Bodyboarding Circuit); Open Men’s and Women’s and Dropknee;

Soon it will be possible to check the rules and other info on the circuit at the Portuguese Surfing Federation website. Any additional informations may be requested by email at comissã

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