Ericeira highlighted by brazilian journalist specialized in travel and tourism


Photography: Eduardo Gregori


Ericeira was recently the subject of an article on the travel blog “Eu Por Aí”, edited by Eduardo Gregori, a Brazilian journalist specialized in travel and tourism who has lived in Lisbon for about three years.

“Beach, surf and history meet in Ericeira” is the title of the text by this author who loves to travel the world and write his impressions about the places he visits. Starting by confessing that our country surprises him, repeatedly, in a positive way, Eduardo Gregori says he was “open-mouthed” with Ericeira, who he visited after a trip to Mafra (of which he had already talked about the restoration of the carillons) to handle personal documentation.

the visit will leave a taste of wanting to return next summer

The journalist uses adjectives such as “beautiful” and “cozy” to refer to this coastal village, a “paradise for those who enjoy peace, beach and surfing.” Among praises of the traditional architecture of the town center, restaurants and local commerce, it gives special emphasis to Ericeira’s historical heritage, with references to its churches and chapels, as well as the pillory.

Just as expected, the beaches and surf also deserve attention in this article, highlighting Praia dos Pescadores for being the most central of the village, South beach (the children’s favorite), Foz do Lizandro and Ribeira d’Ilhas, considered the “national surf-visiting room”.

Eduardo Gregori concludes the article by writing that “the visit will leave a taste of wanting to return next summer and it is certainly what i intend to do next year.”

You can read the original article here in full.

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