Ericeira: From World Surfing Reserve to Protected Landscape Area

ASP World Junior Ericeira 2014. - ph. José Guerra


Photography: José Guerra


The Municipality of Mafra and the guardian associations of Ericeira’s World Surfing Reserve recently defended the decision to make this Reserve a Protected Landscape Area.

Speaking to Lusa on December 16th, Tiago Matos (president of the Associação dos Amigos da Baía dos Coxos) said that “The World Surfing Reserve is no more than an American brand that has been used to sell Ericeira as a tourist destination and we want it to be a true natural reserve.”

A position that is also defended by Ericeira Surf Clube, S.O.S. Salvem o Surf (Portuguese representation of the international organization Save the Waves, that awarded this title to Ericeira in 2011) and by the Municipality of Mafra.

The entities consider that this new status may offer better results than the current Reserve, contributing to an effective environment conservation, preventing construction and limiting parking and traffic.

Ericeira’s World Surfing Reserve (which remains the only one in Europe) incorporates about 4 km of coastline between Empa beach and S. Lourenço beach, bringing together seven world-class waves.

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