Ericeira by the eyes of: Sandra Teixeira


Photography: Margarida Gato Moura Guedes


ID card:

Sandra Isabel Alberto Teixeira (aka ‘Sandra Preta’)

Born in Angola on January 10, 1974 (45 years old)

Disc Jockey, ie kitchen helper

Ericeira is beautiful

Ericeira is beautiful


What do you love the most and like the least about Ericeira?

What i most like about Ericeira is the sea, everything in Ericeira is good.


What are your main concerns for the present and future of Ericeira?

My concern is that the houses are a shambles for rent. This is not good for the future either, because that way people go elsewhere.

To be Jagoz is to have the ericeirense soul

What is being Jagoz?

To be Jagoz is to have the ericeirense soul. It is to love our Ericeira, it is to be united for our Ericeira to remain beautiful.


Do you consider yourself Jagoza?

I do, because I was raised one: my mother used to sell fish at Ericeira Market for many years and would buy fresh fish in the fishing harbour. I loved going there with my mother and also having fishermen in the family, so i consider myself to be Jagoza. And everyone knows my mother. She is the big ‘Manã’.


With a brother, her mother and one sister.

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