Ericeira by the eyes of: Gianmarco Russell Nevi


Photography: DR


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Gianmarco Russell Nevi (also known as ‘Paso’)

Born on June 12, 1981 (38 years old), in Narni, Italy.

He has known Ericeira since 2009 and has lived here since 2015.

Freelance videographer and tennis coach.

Ericeira is the home i chose

Gianmarco lives between tennis lessons and video productions.


Ericeira is “the home” that i chose.


What do you love and dislike most about Ericeira?

I like the fact that it is a unique “micro-cosmos”, a place that allows you go through different stories and people. On the less positive side, the fact that it has such a large and specific tourist involvement may affect other aspects.


What are your favorite places?

São Julião, Algodio and Coxos beaches in giant wave conditions; the Praia do Norte (or Algodio) Viewpoint, ‘Jogo da Bola’ and the town center in general early in the morning, Mar d’Areia restaurant, Adega Bar, Barbearia Neves and Clube Moínhos do Mar, the office of my heart.

Ericeira can and should offer much more than sleep-eat-surf

What are your main concerns about the present and the future of Ericeira?

The main risk, in my opinion, is to lose control over the development of surf-related tourism and Ericeira to become too static-passive in the midst of so many rapid changes. Ericeira has such an attractive “soul” that it can and should offer much more than “sleep-eat-surf” in terms of culture and activities, especially for those who live in the village. There is, in fact, the danger of being stuck with this development of surfing and becoming just a surf vacation spot. It seems that a broader project is missing to discard this image, which is already working but is also a bit on the edge.


Do you know what it is to be Jagoz?

Jagoz is, technically, someone who was born here or who comes from local families. In short: “Son of Ericeira”.

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