Ericeira by the eyes of: Eefje Ludwig


Photography: Christopher Anderson


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Eefje Ludwig (since her name is very Dutch and hard for non-Dutch speakers to remember, she tends to present herself as ‘Evita’, which is basically the meaning of Eefje)

Born in Zwolle, The Netherlands, February 20, 1982 (37 years old)

Photographer, photography curator & mentor, Forest Bathing guide: |

Knows Ericeira since she moved here in April 2019 (temporarily left in December 2019, but intends to come back in 2020)

Ericeira is a mesmerizing place

Photography plays a major role in Eefje’s life.

Ericeira is a mesmerizing place to me. There is a certain energy that I have not felt anywhere else in the world. Ericeira holds a special place in my heart and I am thankful that me and my family have the opportunity to spend time here.


What do you love the most and what you like least about Ericeira?

The energy, the light and the fact that it seems to be a place in constant change and transition, not just on a social level but also on a natural level. This is what keeps it intriguing to me. If you ask me what I like least… I did not particularly enjoy the summer season because of the amount of people and noise. Also, I love the blue in and of Ericeira, but I do miss the green. I feel there is very few trees in Ericeira and being from a forest myself I do miss those!

I love the blue in and of Ericeira, but I do miss the green

Which are your favourite spots in Ericeira?

There are many spots in Ericeira I love. Praia da Empa is definetly a place I love. I just love the view there, the beach. I go there a lot with my two young daugthers who call it ‘Crab beach’ because of the many crabs we would find at low tide. Then, I spend a lot of time in the library. The atmosphere is nice and quiet to sit but also to work a bit. Praia do Sul I also love. I feel it’s a place where people really mingle and is accesible to everyone. The viewpoint at Praia do Norte up at the end of Largo das Fontainhas is where I would spend time as well. Actually a lot of ideas arise when I sit there.

I believe the major challenge and concern is to protect nature and natural resources

What are your main concerns for Ericeira’s present and future?

I think Ericeira is going through an interesting time and transition in which different needs and interests of different people and communities come to the forefront. Like in many places around the world that have so many attractive and unique features and characteristics. I believe the major challenge and concern is to protect nature and natural resources. We take a lot from the ocean and nature in and around Ericeira. But what do we give her?


Do you know what it is to be Jagoz?

I do actually! I have been reading a lot about the history and current situation of Ericeira and it’s people, so I did come across that term.

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