Ericeira by the eyes of: Diogo Faria


Photography: Miguel Faria


Identity card

Diogo Manuel Gaspar Ribeiro de Faria (aka “Sardanisco” or “Herlander”).

Born in Ericeira on May 21, 1983 (36 years old)


Ericeira is where I am always happy

In Santa Marta Park, with Praia do Sul in the background.

Ericeira is where I am always happy.


What do you love the most and like the least about Ericeira?

I love the contrasts of our village, I think we can live in it the best of both Worlds, as in the very sea that surrounds it: with times of great excitement, agitation and much calmer, serene and comforting ones. What I least like is perhaps the lack of diversity and cultural offerings, such as the old and wistful Cinema that closed more than a decade ago and never opened its doors again. We need it.


What are your main concerns for the present and future of Ericeira?

The abrupt and uncontrolled growth that has been happening in the last years. It is urgent to plan, supervise, organize and prevent so that, in the near future, excessive and depersonalized construction doesn’t disrupt our beautiful village.

I love the contrasts of our village, where we can live the best of both Worlds, as in the sea that surrounds it.

What is to be Jagoz?

To be Jagoz is to be privileged. It is to be able to see the sea every day, to dive in the cold water at times of the year when other people would find it unthinkable, it is to live between the sea and the countryside, a short distance from the capital and very close to the true quality of life. It is to love this place that permeates our body, memory and heart and never leaves again.


Do you consider yourself Jagoz?

I proudly consider myself Jagoz. I was born, raised and lived in Ericeira. Most of my best memories are associated with this village of ours, and I know many of those that are yet to come, will be. It runs in my blood. I’m lucky!

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