Ericeira and Mafra awarded for beach quality


Photography: RR


Five beaches of Ericeira, or the Mafra municipality, have recently been recognized for beach quality once again.

Praia da Baleia (or South Beach), Algodio (or North Beach), Foz do Lizandro, São Lourenço and Porto da Calada were the beaches distinguished by the Bandeira Azul (=Blue Flag) Program.

The Municipality of Mafra was therefore awarded five certificates, as a result of the number of consecutive years (in multiples of every five years) of blue flags hoisted at these beaches: São Lourenço (20 years), Foz do Lizandro (15 years), Baleia (10 years), Porto da Calada (5 years) and Algodio (5 years).

These certificates were awarded by the International Coordination of the Blue Flag Program and delivered during the respective VI National Seminar in Portugal.

Recalling that this year the municipality of Mafra maintained six Blue Flag beaches: three of them are located in Ericeira, one in Carvoeira, one in Santo Isidoro and another in Encarnação. The beaches with this symbol of environmental quality and beach safety are Foz do Lizandro in Carvoeira; Baleia, Algodio and Ribeira d’Ilhas in Ericeira; São Lourenço in Santo Isidoro and Calada in Encarnação.

On the other hand, and also this year, the beaches of Algodio, Baleia, Coxos, Foz do Lizandro, Ribeira (or Pescadores), São Lourenço, Ribeira d’Ilhas and Porto da Calada were distinguished with the Gold Quality 2019 classification, attributed by Quercus.

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