Ericeira and its people highlighted on an international publication

Surf, praia, Ericeira. - ph. Nuno Dinis


Photography: Nuno Dinis


The international site Maptia, that explores the earth through unraveling and inspiring stories, has recently published an article with the title “Humans of the Sea: Portugal”, on the relation of the Portuguese with the sea (what it means to us and how it impacts on our lives), where the wonders of Ericeira are profusely highlighted.

In this reportage, Easkey Britton (an internationally renowned multifaceted Irish surfer and co-founder of Waves of Freedom) intersperses reflections on the waves and the culture of the places she visits through several interesting conversations, some of them with well-known people of Ericeira.

The first one is the former president of the Ericeira parish council, Joaquim Casado. Recognized by his strong positions on social and environmental matters, he defends the need to take greater responsibility for the sea, from which we benefit and get so much inspiration: “I always lived in Ericeira, so of course the ocean influenced my life and I love creating things also related to the ocean and the earth. I cannot live without the ocean but I also cannot live without the earth. Here, it’s all that combined, where the land meets the sea, all of it together.”

Clara and José Brito, mother and son, also appear in the article. The former, owner of a guest house in Foz do Lizandro, stresses all the power contained in the sea: “I think the sea has an enormous potential of cleaning us, of cleaning our mind and not just the body and so I think it’s the best therapy we can have.” Her son, José Brito, competitive surfer and coach, adds his thoughts to his mother’s, admitting that all of the big decisions he took in his life were because of the sea.

The original article can be read here.

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