During Summer, 62.2% of Ericeira’s surfers are foreigners


Photography: Jorge Santos


A study conducted last year concluded during the summer months only 37.8% of Ericeira’s surfers are Portuguese, with a large majority of 62.2% coming from foreign countries.

However, over the 12 months of the year, Portuguese are the vast majority, reaching 89.7%.

This was one of the conclusions of the study conducted by 2ii – Informática & Informação Lda. (which had conducted another study on Tourism in Mafra and Ericeira) throughout the year 2017 in the various beaches of Ericeira, with interviews with surfers. This study, aimed at proving in-depth knowledge on the profile of surfers in Portugal, on the contribution of surfing to the local economy, to the country and to the image of Portugal, with a sample of 475 surfers exclusively located on the beaches of Ericeira.

Among other relevant data, we highlight the following:

• 93.70% of these surfers practice throughout the year, whenever sea conditions make it possible
• As to Ericeira’s expectations, they were achieved for a large majority (73.50%)
• As for Ericeira’s strongest points, the waves and the sea came first, with 54.90% – interestingly, only 22.90% mentioned Nature, although Ericeira is the only European World Surf Reserve.
• The expenses are mainly concentrated on Accommodation, Travel, Shopping and Surfing Classes (on average, € 460.40, € 286.15, € 250.50 and € 202.50 respectively).

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