Coronavirus postpones MEO Surf League stage in Ericeira


Photography: RR


The Allianz Ericeira Pro is taking a rain check this year as Ribeira d’Ilhas would once again host Liga Meo Surf (Meo Surf League) kick-off in late March.

The National Surfers Association (Associação Nacional de Surfistas – ANS) has postponed the first stage of the national surfing circuit in Portugal as a preventive measure to contain the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

The Allianz Ericeira Pro will take place on the 2nd and 4th of October (a month that has been shown to have good conditions for surfing), now representing the 4th stage of the calendar, which will start in Porto between April 24 and 26. The Meo Surf League 2020 will remain closed in Cascais, but in November – and not in October, as originally planned.

ANS appreciates the understanding of all those affected by this amendment

Except for future new changes, the Meo Surf League’s schedule for 2020 is adjusted as follows:

1st stage – Renault Porto Pro – April 24 to 26
2nd stage – Allianz Figueira Pro – May 29 to 31
3rd stage – Allianz Algarve Pro – June 12 to 14
4th stage – Allianz Ericeira Pro – October 2 to 4
5th stage – Bom Petisco Cascais Pro – November 5 to 7

The National Surfers Association appreciates the understanding of all those affected by this amendment, where common sense and the necessary preventive measures must prevail, remaining vigilant about the development of the situation and the consequences on the calendar of activities.

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