Contemplating Doris


Photography: João Maria Jorge/AlémTejo100Lei


In classical mythology, Doris (in Greek Δωρίς, “the giving”) is a sea nymph. Like the other oceanids, she is a daughter of Ocean  (one of the twelve titans) and Tethys, who represents the feminine fecundity of the sea.

Just a few days ago, a storm baptized with the name of the aquatic deity headed to the coast of mainland Portugal. Although it didn’t arrive with the initially predicted intensity, Doris showed off the ocean’s power with fascinating waves and destructive potential.

In this photo gallery, written four-handed, we show you the two sides of this natural event that perfectly represents the concept of “beautifully horrible”: if on one hand we have this amazing facet that holds our gaze, on the other hand we find the damage caused by the extreme climacteric phenomenon.



João Maria Jorge/AlémTejo100Lei: #1 to 6

Kiko Neves: #7

AZUL: #8 to 17

Márcio Barreira: #18 to 20

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