Condé Nast considers Ericeira one of the best places for remote work


Photography: Salt Studio


The Spanish magazine Condé Nast Traveler (one of the most respected tourist magazines in the world) recently included Ericeira amongst the best places in Europe to work remotely, that is, from a distance.

The waves (who doesn’t like to take a break from their professional activities and go surfing, cast the first stone…) and the relaxed yet progressive atmosphere are the factors that make Ericeira a top destination where we can feel on vacation while working.

here it is possible to merge emails with sunbathing, surfing and Sagres beer

In the article written by Anna Hart (a remote worker, herself), there are choices for all tastes, from places that present a support network for this kind of lifestyle to local culture.

In Ericeira, in addition to what was described above (it is even mentioned that it is possible to “merge emails with sunbathing, surfing and Sagres beer”), it also refers to the strong international community – still without hostility towards digital nomads, as in the Portuguese capital, for example – and the fact that it is a safe and suitable destination for women traveling alone and for LGBTQ+ travelers.

The suggested places to land the laptop are Cowork Surf, Salt Studio and Amour Soul Space.

The remaining destinations in this article, which can be read here in full, are Budapest (Hungary), Sofia (Bulgaria), Aberystwyth (Wales), Helsinki (Finland), Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Tenerife (Canary Islands – Spain), Marseille (France), Folkestone (England) and Heidelberg (Germany).

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