Casa Bernardino recognized as store with history


Photography: AZUL


Casa Bernardino, founded 126 years ago in Ericeira, was recently granted the status of Establishment of Historical Interest.

The application, submitted in August 2019, was unanimously approved at a meeting of the Municipality of Mafra held on November 4.

In the document, issued by the Legal Affairs Division, it can be read that the “Store with History” was assigned to this living testimony of Jagoza (=from Ericeira) identity, located at 28 B, Avenida 5 de Outubro, because it is recognized “the historical and cultural or social interest”.

Good to know there is concern and interest in supporting local and traditional trade

Previously, the Parish Council of Ericeira and several municipal services had already given their assent to the granting of this status, based on Law No. 42/2017 of June 14, which provides for the regime of recognition and protection of establishments and entities of historical interest and cultural or social setting.

A diploma that acknowledges 126 years of History.

This crockery, drugs and hardware store was founded at the end of the 19th century, specifically in 1893, and was able to adapt to new trends without losing its essence.

It was with great pleasure that the current owner of the commercial house, Maria Manuela Fernandes Campos, received this distinction. The founders’ descendant of Casa Bernardino told AZUL that “it is always good to know there is concern and interest in supporting local and traditional trade.”

This becomes the second “Shop with History” in Ericeira, after the José Rola Paulo haberdashery was recognized in July the same year.

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