Between Tides


Photography: Márcio Barreira

Translator: Full Circle


“The guys work at the harbor, in the boats, all at ease, everyone knowing each other, amidst a simplicity possibly born from the permanent oscillattion between courage and humility at sea.”

“The guys”, as mentioned by Filipa Teles Carvalho in the report on the present situation of artisanal fisheries in Ericeira, published in this issue, have a face. And that way of life (genuine and simple), between the courage and humility gained at sea and brought on land, is expressed in many ways and at different times.

It has its most iconic dimension during the fishery, but does not disappear on land, between tides. When the sea does not allow the boats to leave, there are always tasks to be done, either repairing the boats or the nets.

And, of course, it also manifests itself in the moments of pause, either commenting on the latest football issues or having a beer, as in this picture, showing Carlos, better known by his nickname ‘Tótoboz”.

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