AZUL celebrates the summer with a sunset party!


Photography: Vasco Dias


AZUL – Ericeira Mag is hosting a Sunset Party to celebrate our “lovely August”, the time of the year our entire country is on holidays and Ericeira is blasting, welcoming thousands of tourists from everywhere, who make the most of our beaches, waves, gastronomy and lifestyle.

The party is set to be on the 3rd of August (Wednesday) in Praia dos Pescadores’ natural amphitheatre, right in the centre of the town, and one of the most emblematic places in Ericeira.

Set at the Kayak Bar, our partner in the event, this Sunset Party is an opportunity to reunite AZUL readers, friends and everyone who wants to come, since it’s a free entry party! Everyone’s welcome to show up, from 7 pm, at Praia dos Pescadores!!

So, what does the party programme consist of?! We have some surprises up our sleeve! – Some will be revealed quite soon, some will only be revealed when the time comes! – but we can say this: we will offer free welcome drinks!

The ones who join us earlier will be welcomed with fantastic little bottles of a new brand of Sangria, called Sangria Bacana. This fresh drink, produced by a local company with natural ingredients, offers you two possible varieties, rosé and white. Both sparkling and fresh! The perfect drink to celebrate the good times, just like this Sunset party!

If you find music to be a crucial addition to any party, we’re having Rui Miguel Abreu in the house: some may say he’s like a chef who collects Michelin Stars to music. He’s a very well known music journalist (Antena 3, Blitz, Rimas e Batidas – a massive Portuguese radio station for the youth and two great music platforms), and also one of the best in Portugal to play a lot of different music styles. The sandy beach will turn itself into a dance floor with an electrifying and wide-ranging music selection.

Friends, cocktails, music and an incredible sunset – this is our suggestion so you can have a blast and watch the wonders of the sun setting on the sea line. It begins at 7 pm on the 3rd of August.

Azul’s Sunset Party counts on institutional sponsors like Mafra’s Municipality and Ericeira’s Burough. Our official partners are Kayak Bar and Sangria Bacana.

What a natural set!! – ph. Nélson Jacinto.

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