Photography: Luís Rodrigues


August is the high season of tourism: thousands of people take the opportunity to get some time off and head straight to the coast, from north to south of Portugal or abroad. Confirming the trend of recent years, Ericeira was once again at its utmost during the 31 days of the most popular summer period, with crowded beaches, intense night activity and insane hunt for empty seats at cafes or car parks.

But not everyone goes after the same fish. Summer’s peak is simultaneously the low season for surf, except for those who try the old art of board riding for the first time in one of the schools that provide this experience. Fortunately for wave riders, in September the sea awakes from a short period of hibernation, providing the first solid swells.

The season opened officially this month and the lens of Luís Rodrigues captured the first “bombs” that awoke Coxos bay from a protracted lethargy.

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