A Summer’s tribute


Photography: Rui Oliveira/surftotal.com


It was a short Summer. Only by the time August arrived were we graced with warmth and clear skies, but truth is that the festive spirit of Ericeira’s people gave no rest to Zeus, the Greek mythological figure linked to the atmospheric phenomenons, and the village once again became colourful with many celebrations, which attracted thousands of people.

It’s not only the beaches that draw so many visitors to Ericeira. The fishery village is fast becoming a cultural navel in Western Portugal region. In this gallery we celebrate all those cultural encounters that will stick in our memory for years to come: we danced in music festivals, such as Sumol Summer Fest; we hit the waves with surfing, bodyboarding and longboarding championships; we rolled on the road with skateboarders; we saw films at the beach; we caught Garret McNamara in Coxos; we jigged in traditional festivities; we at sardines with saloio bread; and we worked our tanning while swimming in an unusual tropical sea.

During three months, Ericeira just became a cultural pot. But, for us, the best Summer is the one yet to come.


Photo #1

Photos #2-3
Mauro Mota

Photo #4

Photo #5:
Rui Oliveira/

Photo #6
Infinity Pocean

Photo #7
Nuno Dinis

Photos #8-9

Photo #10
Red Bull Content Pool

Photo #11
Luís Firmo

Photos #12-13
Santos Populares Jagozes

Photos #14-15
José Guerra

Photo #16

Photo #17
Vítor Figueiredo

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