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Photographs: Viajo Logo Existo


Viajo Logo Existo is an adventure on the road that aims to go around the world during three and half years. Rachel Paganotto, 28, and Leonardo Spencer, 30, are the explorers from Sao Paulo, Brazil, that got in a van and went searching for new sensations and experiences, after having their professional careers pretty much steady.

In their journey, they found space and time in their map to spend a couple of days in Ericeira. The Sun, and the village’s beaches and good waves drawn their spirits to this Portuguese corner.

Directly from Morocco, Rachel and Leo sent to AZUL a postcard describing their experiences in the village. With their words also came some stills that testify the presence of the duo in Ericeira. So here are some of their impressions on Ericeira and their desires for the remaining adventures.

Dear jagozes,

If we were in a friends dinner, we’d describe Ericeira as chilled place, perfect for surfing. While there, we went to the beaches, found amazing waves and ate like the heavens. We had lots of invitations to visit the region and we already knew about its famous waves. Since Leo is a surfer, we decided to go there. We stayed for a couple of days, which coincided with the World Junior Championships, in which the Portuguese Vasco Ribeiro became a champion.

We are writing you from Ouarzazate, Morocco. We’re going to return to Europe and to to England. From there, we’ll send our car to South Africa.

Our project Viajo Logo Existo is a roadtrip throughout the world. We plan to visit the five continents during three and a half years. With our careers stabilised, we went looking for new challenge. We found out it was possible to make this trip by car and, since we already were pretty passionate about travelling, we just went forward.

The impact we’d like to have in people is to show that, with organisation and planning, it is possible to travel. It is also to showcase a bit of other cultures that we get to know.

We could write pages and pages of what we learned so far with this experience, but we’d say the main on was that cultures are very complex and it would take us years in each place to really understand the people. Apart from that, we’ve found awesome people, always willing to help us.

Hugs. Leo & Rachel.

Viajo Logo Existo. - ph. Viajo Logo Existo

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