87% of the tourists want to return to Mafra and Ericeira

Fim do dia na Ericeira pela lente de Luke Shadbolt.


Photograph: Luke Shadbolt


A study carried out in September found that 87.7% of the tourists visiting the region of Mafra and Ericeira will likely or probably return to these destinations.

This was one of the conclusions reached by Mafra / Ericeira Tourist Satisfaction Survey carried out during the second week of September by 2 II – Informatics and Information, Marketing and Market Research consultants: while 38.2% of visitors report a high probability of returning, 49.50% say they are likely to do so, resulting in a total intention to return by 87.7% of the respondents.

This study, which aimed to determine the profile of the tourist, the degree of satisfaction with the visit and the quality of the touristic offer, has produced significant results (in the characterization of tourists, their motivations, average length of stay, rates of return or total expenses in the destination per day and per person) that can serve as a basis for analysis and subsequent action by public and private entities with responsibilities and intervention in the tourism area.

Among the other relevant data that were verified, we highlight the following:

– 85.6% of tourists are between the age of 24 and 54

– On average, they stay for 3 days in the region

– They value the environmental compliance, urban cleanliness, the mild climate, the security and population friendliness.

– For the great majority of the respondents, the destination met or exceeded their initial expectations

– 67.3% of visitors give a rating of 8 to 10 to the visit when asked about their degree of satisfaction

– Total expenses at the destination per day and per person: €93.55

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