6:12 to the leadership of the Moche League


Photography: DR

Translator: Full Circle


The 2016 Moche League, the national surfing circuit, began with a foot on winter and the other on spring, with the race elected by the athletes as the best round of the two previous seasons.

The main protagonist of the last day of the Allianz Ericeira Pro (that also counts for the parallel trophy Allianz Triple Crown) was Gony Zubizarreta, a Galician that has been making Ericeira his home and training camp for several years. In the final, competing with Vasco Ribeiro, Gony showed he is actually in a great shape, surfing waves of 9.50 and 9.80 points and leaving the opponent in a combination situation.

The women’s final also featured a representative from Ericeira: Carina Duarte competed with Camilla Kemp, current national runner-up and winner of this inaugural round.

Other local athletes with outstanding performances were Arran Strong, a young athlete from the Ericeira Surf Club who won the Expression Session, Tiago ‘Saca’ Pires (eliminated in the semi-finals by Gony Zubizarreta) and Tomas Fernandes, who reached the man on man quarters.

In this video produced by the naming sponsor of the national surf circuit, we can look again at the best moments of the decisive day, and listen to some athletes live speech, including ‘Saca’, Carina and Gony.

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