2nd edition of the Octopus Festival in Ericeira


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The second edition of the Ericeira’s Octopus Festival starts today. After the sea urchins and the sting rays as the protagonists of past gastronomic shows, it’s time now for the popular sea mollusk to make the delights of its lovers and curious customers.

This gastronomic event promoted by the Municipality of Mafra will continue until May 21. It’s going to be ten days in which there will be the opportunity to taste the variety of dishes (from the classic ones to the gourmet recipes) available in 38 restaurants of the village where the so-called polvo da pedra (stone octopus), much appreciated by its unique flavour, is captured.

Alongside with this initiative, on May 13 and 14 (Saturday and Sunday, from 4pm to 7pm) the Municipal Market of Ericeira is hosting wine & beer pairing and tastings and show cooking by the hand of invited chefs, who will present innovative recipes, with octopus being the main ingredient.

The restaurants and other establishments that make up the 2nd edition of the Octopus Festival are the following: Tik Tak; Tik Tapas; Ribamariscos; Luxembourg; Luxembourg II; Roude Léiw Club; Casa Portuguesa; Mar das Latas; Petiskas; 7 Janelas; 7 Praias na Baleia; A Brasa na Gruta; A Panela dos Petiscos; A Pimentinha; A Tasquinha; A Tasquinha do Joy; Brunch Me; Café O Gadoxa; Calavera; Cozinha 21; Estrela do Mar; Fides Tua; Funky; Maconsul; Marisqueira César; Marisqueira Furnas; O Caniço; O Gabriel; O Gafanhoto; O Vigarista; Pedra Dura; Prim; Restaurante Dom Carlos; Retiro na Bela Sombra; Riviera; Sushi Drinks Club; Toca do Caboz; Vira Copos.

The gastronomic show, which starts on May 12, promises to surprise visitors. Additional information can be found here.

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